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  • Worker pools in Go

    package main
    import (
    // this is a worker that we will run in several parallel instances
    // these workers will receive tasks through the 'jobs' channel and send the results to 'results'
    // we will wait for one second for each task to simulate heavy requests
    func worker(id int, jobs <-chan int, results chan<- int) {
        for j := range jobs {
            fmt.Println("worker", id, "started job", j)
            fmt.Println("worker", id, "finished job", j)
            results <- j * 2
    func main() {
        // to use worker pool, we need to send a task and receive the execution results
        // therefore 2 channels are created
        jobs := make(chan int, 100)
        results := make(chan int, 100)
        // start 3 workers, initially blocked because no assignments yet
        for w := 1; w <= 3; w++ {
            go worker(w, jobs, results)
        // send 5 jobs and then close the channel, notofying that all jobs have been sent
        for j := 1; j <= 5; j++ {
            jobs <- j
        // collect all the results
        // this also ensures that the goroutines have ended
        for a := 1; a <= 5; a++ {

    This example shows how to implement a worker pool using channels and goroutines.